IMEP Financial Aids

Our financial aids

IMEP’s student financial aid scheme comprises a number of discounts on the course price after the enrolment fees have been paid. Such discounts apply to students accrediting several special circumstances which are specified below:

  • Large family (5% discount): this discount will be applied if students can prove that they are members of a large family, for which purpose they must submit a copy of the family book at the time when enrolment is carried out.
  • Disability above 33% (5% discount): this discount will be at the disposal of all those students who can prove a degree of disability exceeding the percentage mentioned above. They must submit the accrediting certificate or document to that effect.
  • Single payment (5% discount): all those students who opt for the single payment modality will benefit from this discount. In order to be entitled to have this discount, the payment must be carried out within a maximum period of 15 calendar days counted from the official start of the academic year (consult IMEP official calendar).

Additional considerations

  • The aforementioned discounts can be accumulated. The decompile will apply a fee to the import of the pre-enrollment.
  • The required documentation must be delivered timely and in due form so that students can benefit from these discounts.
  • After analysing and verifying the documents, IMEP will inform about its resolution regarding the application for financial aid via e-mail.

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